Life Groups / Small Groups

You might call them life groups, family groups, prayer groups, or simply small groups. Ninevah Christian Church “Life Groups” or “Small Groups” meet outside the church building for fellowship and study.


The Groups open for sign ups are listed below.

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  • Young Adults and College Age  Small Group

    A group of young adults and college age adults who meet weekly in the offices of Dr. David Sperow. The group discusses current events in our world today and use scripture to determine how we, as Christians, should respond to these events.

     ◊Friday 6:30 pm

    Led by:  Jeff and Tonya Phillips

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  • David & Beth Sandidge and Tim & Judy Livingston Life Group

    A group of adults and couples who meet weekly in the home of David & Beth Sandidge. The group is currently studying the book of Ephesians.

     ◊ Sundays at 6:00 pm

    Adults and Couples

    Leaders and Hosts:  David & Beth Sandidge and Tim & Judy Livingston

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  • Peach and Dunnum Small Group

    A group of adults, families with couples, and both older and younger adults who meet weekly in Tommy and Julie Peach's home.

     ◊Friday at 6:00 pm

    Leaders and Hosts:  Tommy and Julie Peach and Dan Dunnum

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  • Open Group Sign Ups

    Not sure which group to sign up for? Don't see a group that seems to fit you or your family? Sign up for the "Open Group Sign Up" and we can talk further about what studies, classes, or groups might fit best for you or your family

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  • Standing for the Unborn Life Group

    A group of men and women who join together to pray for unborn children and pro-life matters, support pregnancy centers, and bring awareness to the needs and concerns of both the unborn and pregnant women. The group meets at different times throughout the month and is led by Eddie and Kathy Parr . 

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  • Shepherd/Hawkins Life Group

    This group meets twice monthly on Sunday evenings for a time of fellowship and Bible Study.

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  • Edwards Life Group

    This group is currently meeting every Tuesday night in Classrooms 3 and 4

    Kingdom Man Kingdom Woman

    Contact Scott Shepherd for additional information.

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  • Puckett Life Group

    Meets Every Other Sunday Night

    Classroom 2

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