Starting point

Philippians 3:14

Becoming connected with others in the body of Christ is an important part of knowing Jesus Christ and joining the Holy Spirit in His work. That’s why we have a set of courses to help you learn about us and this congregation we call Ninevah.

*Step One is simply a time for us to show you around the church building, answer any questions you have, and let you know about our service times and upcoming events. You can Schedule that visit by contacting Brian Perry

*Step Two is a 1-hour lunch on Sundays that explains our core beliefs and what it means to be a member of Ninevah. The next lunch is scheduled for January 26, 2020.

*Step Three is a class we call Christian Foundations. This is a 4-to 6-week class that studies some of the foundational beliefs of our Christian Faith. It is a great step towards joining a Sunday School class or small group. The next class will be held in February or March 2020. 

*Step Four, titled Daily, In Christ, is a 2- or 3- week class about becoming more like Christ and becoming the man or woman that God made you to be. The next class will be held in 2020, right after the next Christian Foundations class.

Contact Brian Perry, Minister of Discipleship and Outreach with any questions or for more information about these classes.