This group is about riding, sharing our love for those winding roads and seeing the very hand of God through a much different lense. This has never been nor will ever be an “MC” so if that’s what you’re into, it’s definitely not happening here. We’re here to gather with fellow riders and ultimately share the love of Christ by being the church on motorcycles. In all things, the risen Christ will lead this group.

For Questions Contact Luke Makowski


We always have an area blocked off for the bikes to park together at NCC. We hope to see you soon at either our 8:30 or 10:30am Sunday morning services!

Upcoming Events

-July 23-Open Hands Food Pantry Ride

October 21st-Camp Calvary Mens Retreat

Group LEader

For Questions contact Luke Makowski. (502-220-7196) Luke and his wife Sarah have a passion to serve the Lord and ride motorcycles. They would love to get to know you.